Bulldog Tactical Vest

Bulldog – Corrections Tactical Vest

Standard Features

  • “Man-Down” cable attachment point for hands-free extraction
  • Removable rear panel for quick mission load-out adjustments
  • Horizontal knife sleeve on front of carrier
  • Hydration and communication wire channels on shoulder pads
  • 3D spacer mesh inner lining for air channel and heat reduction
  • Cummerbund utility pocket for document and equipment storage
  • Reinforced 1” rear carry handle
  • Ballistic shoulder pads
  • Fully adjustable cummerbund with pockets accommodating soft armor inserts
  • Front outer admin pocket for document or equipment storage
  • Bottom loading rifle plate pockets on front and rear of carrier; accommodate NIJ threat level III In-Conjunction-With (ICW) hard armor rifle plates
  • Non-skid shoulder grip to improve weapon mounting and control


The Bulldog includes features specifically tailored to the field of corrections. The prominence of MOLLE webbing, along with the aggressive structure of the vest make it ideal for adapting to the demanding, versatile needs of corrections scenarios. The Bulldog can be used as a crossover vet for tactical scenarios. The Bulldog does not accommodate deltoid, groin, throat, nape, or collar armor – and the hard armor plate pockets only accommodate thin, ICW hard armor.

Available Ballistic Systems

Available Accessories