C-Shock Rifle Plates


Special Threats concealable plate with Uni-directional Polyethylene and Ceramic technology. Light enough and thin enough to fit into the trauma pocket of your concealable vest.

Manufactured from some of the strongest and lightest materials found on this planet, our plate selection offers modularity, protection, and size options for any threat you may encounter.

NIJ Performance

SPEER .357 SIG 125gr FMJ FN
SPEER .44 MAG 240gr SJHP
5.56mm x 45mm 55gr Ball (M193)
5.56mm x 45mm 62gr Ball (M855) (Green Tip)
7.62mm x 39mm 123gr PS Ball (Mild Steel Core)
Special Threat 1.70 lbs


C-Shock Product Release

Available Ballistic Systems

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