Care Instructions

Thank you for choosing Armor Express as your ballistic manufacturer.  We know that the performance of your life-saving gear is important to you – and it is to us too.  The below details are general care instructions – however – there are many components to your product, and each will have it’s own set of care instructions.  These are attached to the item itself, and should be followed above any information provided on this page.  The information below is for convenience purposes and can be used as a quick reference if you are on the go.

Ballistic Pad

  1. Wipe with damp cloth.
  2. DO NOT machine wash or machine dry.
  3. DO NOT bleach, DO NOT dry clean, DO NOT iron.


  1. To clean carrier, REMOVE the ballistic panels.
  2. Machine was carrier using GENTLE cycle at a COOL temperature.
  3. DO NOT use bleach, DO NOT use fabric softener.
  4. Carrier may be air dried or machine dried at LOW setting.
  5. DO NOT commercially dry clean.
  6. DO NOT iron.



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