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February 25th, 2016

An Armor Express Save has been confirmed

A Lawrence County, Illinois, sheriff’s deputy was shot Monday afternoon during a traffic stop in Lawrenceville.  It was confirmed that the deputy was wearing an Armor Express vest and that the vest prevented serious injury or death.  At this point the following information has been made public (this information will be updated as more information is released):

  • Officer name: Deputy Kyle Gilmore
  • Incident: Deputy Kyle Gilmore stopped a vehicle driven by Keith D. McKinney, 55, of Lawrenceville, and McKinney pulled a handgun. McKinney is accused of shooting Deputy Gilmore in the chest. The officer’s body armor stopped the bullet. Gilmore returned fire, striking McKinney in the leg.
  • Extent of injury: Officer shot in the chest, stopped by body armor
  • Threat (believed to be): .22 caliber handgun
  • Location: Lawrence County, Illinois
  • Sheriff’s department: Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department
  • Vest worn: Razor II with an Ara-Shock Plate (struck by bullet)

The following are links to articles surrounding the incident:

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