Peraflex Pouches

Sometimes LESS is MORE. The reality is that you can’t be “high-speed” when weighted down. The solution is our PeraFlex pouches, specifically designed to work with our internal pouch systems of the TORC and LightHawk XT2.0 systems. By transitioning the pouch enclosure to an internal system, we utilize the protection of the core vest to keep the PeraFlex pouch construction to a minimum. Lightweight, yet strong and flexible, this line offers the flexibility to customize your kit, while adding very few ounces. Able to be used in both front kangaroo or cummerbund configurations allow maximum modularity per user.

Our Peraflex System Pouch lineup includes:

  • M16/M4 Single Mag Pouch

  • M16/M4 Double Mag Pouch

  • M16/M4 Triple Mag Pouch

  • Single Pistol Mag Pouch

  • Double Pistol Mag Pouch

  • Small Adjustable Bungee Flashlight Pouch

  • Handcuff Single Pouch

  • IFAK Single Pouch


Available Ballistic Systems

Available Accessories