The AMP-1 TP is the First & Lightest Composite Helmet with VPAM Certification in the world. The AMP-1TP is certified to VPAM, which is the Gold Standard of ballistic testing within Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Most Special Police units within Europe, including Germany’s GSG9 and SEK are required to have their ballistic helmets VPAM certified. Police Specialized units around the world deserve a level of protection that includes first-rate specifications (VPAM Standard). This standard, in comparison to the NIJ IIIA, tests certain ballistic aspects that are more relevant/specific to close quarter combat situations. Police special units/SWAT Teams, in comparison to soldiers, are more likely to suffer a ballistic head injury due to the nature of their work (Close Quarter Combat). Whereby, even today most helmets used by police armed response teams are helmets that are manufactured for military operations and may not provide the specific level of protection required by Law Enforcement officers dealing with armed insurgents in close quarters. Our unique rail-system and its Speed Connect System (SCS) gives the user even more tactical and modular protective capability. Our modular protective visors (Impact, Fragmentation, 9mm/44Mag) can be added/removed from the helmet within seconds, without ever having to take off the helmet – always being protected.


• Non Ballistic Impact Visor (impact tested to 100 Joules)

• Non Ballistic Fragmentation visor (STANAG 2920 – 1,082 f/s)

• NIJ IIIA Ballistic Visor (9mm/44 Mag)

• VPAM Ballistic Visor

• 3-Hole NVG Shroud

• Helmet Cover Black or Green

• Helmet Velcro Kit

• Helmet Counter weight Kit

• Visor protective cover

• Side-rail adaptor

  • Rails with Speed-System Connection Point
  • Advanced padding system
  • Wheel dial for ultimate sizing flexibility
  • VPAM / STANAG 2920 IIIA / V50=2,034 f/s
  • ACH Full Cut
  • ACH Mid Cut
  • ACH High Cut