Revolution and Revolution Plus

Revolution™ and Revolution Plus


The Revolution™ is AE’s top of the line concealable carrier system. Loaded with features, the Revolution™ sets the mark for superior design with attention to detail, while offering maximum comfort, breathe-ability and durability.

The shoulder area offers 3mm thick Breathe-O-Prene® padding. The low profile padding is porous in nature allowing warm moisture laden air to pass through as it cushions the area thus helping to relieve any potential discomfort.

The Revolution™ utilizes a superior Microfiber Nylon for its exterior shell material. The slightly denser material results in greater durability and longevity. It is also water repellent and anti-static treated. The standard Revolution™ carrier inner lining consists of Breeze Knit, a moisture wicking, antimicrobial material that provides evaporative cooling. Our new Revolution™ Plus contains a SCENT-LOK® liner offering proven odor control through both activated carbon and antimicrobial treated fabrics.

The contoured hook and loop attachments give the Revolution™ a sleek, streamlined look. The Easy Grip Side Straps (patent pending) feature a two finger grab point allowing users to easily disconnect the strap for donning and doffng. These straps also showcase a new zigzag stitch where the hook transitions into the elastic. This addition results in a very smooth strap with exceptional strength, again demonstrating our unwavering attention to detail.

The Revolution™ also offers the microfiber Wearstrip™ on the lower inside lining of the carrier and an inner suspension system. This Wearstrip™ helps to prevent holes from forming along the bottom edge of the carrier as abrasion commonly occurs from the carrier rubbing against the Officer’s duty belt. The inner suspension system works to hold the protective panels in place and prevent them from sagging.

Dual plate pockets are located on the front of the carrier allowing for a 5”x8” or 7”x10” insert to be added offering more protection. The Revolution™ is available in both male and structured female princess cut designs.

Product Tutorial Videos

Revolution – Ballistic pad removal (Male)

Female Revolution – Features and Design

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