Abrams Rifle Plates


Extremely light weight – tremendous stopping power. Military grade rifle plates available in level III ICW; III SA; and IV ICW protection.

Manufactured from some of the strongest and lightest materials found on this planet, our plate selection offers modularity, protection, and size options for any threat you may encounter.

NIJ Performance

5.56mm x 45mm (M855/SS109)
5.56mm x 45mm (M855A1)
7.62mm x 39mm (PS Ball/MSC)
7.62mm x 39mm (API BZ)
7.62mm x 51mm (M80)
7.62mm x 54Rmm (LPS)
7.62mm x 54Rmm (API B32)
7.62mm x 63mm (M2AP)
Level III ICW 0.90″ 4.30 lbs
Level III SA 0.55″ 4.30 lbs
Level IV ICW 0.90″ 5.75 lbs

Available Ballistic Systems

Available Accessories