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ARLINGTON, VA and CENTRAL LAKE, MI, November 11, 2019 – Armor Express, a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-performance protective solutions for the Domestic and Federal Law Enforcement markets, Department of Defense and First Responders, is demonstrating its cutting-edge products at this week’s SWAT Round-Up International in Orlando, Florida. Armor Express is a Platinum Sponsor of the premier SWAT training, competition and vendor show, and is exhibiting at Booth #4N.

Participating law enforcement and emergency services departments from across the country will experience first-hand the next generation of tactical, overt and plate carriers; hard armor; ballistic helmets; and other mission-critical protective equipment from Armor Express. Among the latest advancements on display are the Company’s:

  • Fearless PC – A laser cut attachment platform that can be customized with either TUBES® or COBRA® Alpha quick release Dynamic Cummerbund systems, with accessory sleeves that enable officers to kit out the way their mission requires. Options and accessories include First Spear™ Buoyancy Compensators (size dependent), ballistic-structured deltoid protectors, laser cut Hard Armor Shoulder Plates (HASP), and removable sling catch.
  • Lighthawk XT 3.0 – Built on the SPEAR BALCS ballistic cut and provides ample coverage while maintaining a more aggressive architecture. Its enhanced technology includes 3D foam spacing for improved ventilation and airflow; upgraded Advanced Shoulder Pads which aid in weight disbursement and overall comfort; and an interchangeable cummerbund with quick release options – all supporting high-performance tactical entry.
  • Special Assignment Unit (SAU) Plate Carrier Laser Cut – With Cobra® Alpha Quick Disconnect Cummerbund. Designed with end-user input and multiple field tests conducted, the vest’s latest modifications have resulted in a streamlined, lightweight, modular, tactical plate carrier that exceeds today’s criteria. The SAU is a flagship product and is one of Armor Express’ latest innovations in its tactical lineup.
  • Tactical Operations Response Carrier (TORC) – A multipurpose plate carrier system designed to meet the demands of today’s LE operations and tactical teams. The carrier’s advanced design, functional features, abundant coverage options, ergonomic fit, scalable components, and low-profile architecture all contribute to a true modular tactical body armor system that can satisfy the most experienced and discriminating task force and operator.
  • Laser Cut Plate Carrier (LCPC) – Focuses on simplicity and high speed and is designed to fit most hard armor plates and soft ballistic plate backers. Whether the task force needs certified ICW or Lo Vis special threat hard armor, the LCPC ASR will fit their requirements. The carrier gives the operator a lightweight laser cut platform made with today’s newest and strongest materials.
  • Traverse – Can convert LEGACY or BRAVO concealable soft armor into a front zip-side opening system. This overt carrier offers both MOLLE and Dress configurations, along with optional features to meet departmental requirements. It is available in the traditional LEGACY or new BRAVO cut. Internal plate pockets accommodate inserts for added protection. Front and rear hard armor plate pockets accommodate rifle plate protection.
  • Hard Core FE Carrier – This is the first carrier of its kind to safely address a one-size-fits-most application, with consideration for comfort, movement and ballistic protection. The Hard Core FE can be quickly equipped with rifle plates via its top-loading external plate pockets and is designed to protect during an active shooter/hostile event response. The vest is made to fit BRAVO armor panels.
  • OCS-UVIR Carrier – This lightweight carrier is made to go over a uniform shirt. It protects from handgun threats, with the option to quickly add rifle protection plates via external front and rear plate pockets. The vest is adjustable at both shoulder and sides, with ergonomic features for comfort. An internal cummerbund offers vest security and best fit during movement. The OCS-UVIR is designed to fit BRAVO armor panels.
  • Hard Armor Shoulder Plate System (HASP) – An advanced, lightweight, ballistic shoulder protection plate and carrier exclusive to the Armor Express product line. Available in Level IIIA, III, or III+ ballistic options, the HASP offers added shoulder protection to a plate carrier or tactical rig. The HASP carrier was engineered with the latest laser cut material resulting in a durable, low-profile, reduced-weight product.
  • Busch PROtective AMP-1 TP Helmet by Armor Express – Designed for close quarter combat threats and made of a multi-layer aramid composite and patented production technique for elite ballistic performance. Increased edge and multi-impact capabilities enhance the helmet’s protective area by up to 50%, compared to standard ballistic helmets. The AMP-1 TP offers high fragmentation protection and is certified to the international VPAM-3, as well as U.S. NIJ, DEA and FBI protocols.

Other state-of-the-art solutions including rifle plates for rapid up-armoring, ballistic shields and accessories such as the laser cut SRT battle belt will be on display. In support of the SWAT Round-Up competition, Armor Express is also excited to give away two of its top-line Busch AMP-1 E ballistic helmets. Participants are invited to Booth #4N for a chance to win.

About Armor Express
Armor Express is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-performance body armor systems and related protective solutions. Founded in 2005, the Company has grown to become one of the largest providers of soft and hard armor products and accessories, serving the Federal and Domestic Law Enforcement market, the Department of Defense, First Responders, and America’s allies around the world. For more information, please visit

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Armor Express / KDH Defense Systems
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