Who you are is defined by the people you protect. Your body armor is their peace of mind. Armor Up.

At Armor Express we firmly believe that we are on a mission to save lives. Lt. Brian Murphy, the first responding officer to the 2012 Sikh Temple massacre in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, was shot 15 times defending innocent people – he now heads up the AE Saves Program.


“Until it happens to you it is impossible to completely understand the aftermath of an altercation which should have taken your life.” – Lt. Brian Murphy


Brian has built a formal saves program which tracks, connects, and provides resources to those officers who have been positively impacted by the protective quality of an AE product. A saves retreat was held this past August, five saves along with their families visited the Armor Express headquarters in Central Lake, Michigan.


Michael Williams, Jr. (East Orange PD, New Jersey), Joe Canales (Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, Texas), Michael Schuyler (Flint Township PD, Michigan), Kyle Gilmore (Lawrenceville County Sheriff’s Office, Illinois), Jason Harley, (Edmonton PD, Alberta, Canada), Joe Tortorella (Niagara County Sheriff’s Office New York), and – were all saved by their body armor.

Many of these saves now share their story with officers in an effort to educate and potentially save other’s lives in the process.

View the latest save reenactments below:

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