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To all of our friends, colleagues, customers, and partners:

The past few months have been unlike anything we have witnessed as a nation and we stand with those chosen few who stand and protect their communities through this COVID-19 pandemic. The mission at Armor Express is to save lives and now, more than ever, we have a responsibility to ensure that our Protectors and Employees remain safe.

As part of the Critical Infrastructure Workforce and Defense Industrial Base, we remain open for business and are committed to supporting all of our customers and partners the Armor Express way. We have instituted new procedures and policies to limit the spread of COVID-19, while providing clean, sanitized working environments in our facilities. Everything we have done has been based on recommendations from the Center of Disease Control (CDC) and we have corporate teams assembled to monitor developments, assess risks and preventative measures, and implement best practices that maintain a normal working environment without putting employees and visitors at risk. Part of this program was designed to make it easier for our customers, those on the front line risking their lives to make the world a safer place.

Please find below updates to our Cleaning & Care, Alterations & Returns, and Customer Sizing policies with changes that were designed to support you and your agency as we get through these challenging times together. We thank you, pray for you and your loved ones, and stand ready to support you.

With Federal, State and Local lockdown provisions in place, many of our team members are working remotely, with the exception of our factory employees who are producing every day to deliver for you. Travel bans, in many cases, restrict our team from being onsite for customer sizing, and often, while armor systems are needed, officers find themselves without the time to meet. Thus, we have updated and posted our Customer Sizing Resources to help you while you are in the field. Beyond your rep, you can always call us at 231-544-6090 for additional support.

Male/Gender-Neutral Sizing Package

Male/Gender-Neutral Sizing Form (Standalone)

Female Sizing Package

Female Sizing Form (Standalone)

Tactical Sizing Form

Helmet Sizing Form

Sizing Videos


Due to the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, we are instituting a change to our Return and Alterations policy until further notice. Under normal conditions, we offer a 30-day fit guarantee, however, as we do our part to adhere to the social distancing guidelines nationwide, we are asking agencies and officers to self-measure using our easy guides available on our website:

As of April 1, 2020, Armor Express will offer a 75-day custom fit guarantee and will alter or exchange concealable body armor free of charge if the armor is returned within 75 days of the original ship date from Armor Express. 

For concealable body armor that is too large requiring an Alteration, please note:

  • Legacy armor may be altered down one size only.
  • Bravo armor may be trimmed 1” in length and 1” on each side (for a total of 2” in width) on each panel. 
  • Armor Express does not alter tactical or overt carrier products nor will accept any returns of any custom products or unique agency-specific spec carriers. Once orders for these items have been sent to production, they cannot be returned or exchanged.  

For concealable body armor that is too small, the order must be re-made and is considered an Exchange.

Armor Express will incur the shipping cost of the returned items; the Distributor is responsible for the outgoing shipping expense unless the return resulted from an internal AE error.

Alterations and Exchanges will be completed upon receipt of the returned vest as long as complete alteration/resizing instructions and any payment information if required, are received (Purchase Order or Credit Card).

Armor Express will alter body armor after 75 days from the original ship date for a $25 per panel fee for concealable body armor.  

If the return is due to Distributor error, the Distributor will be charged the $25 per panel Alteration fee; for an Exchange order that results in a complete re-make of the order, the entire charge will be charged to the Distributor.

Please contact Armor Express Customer Service at (231) 544-6090, ext. 379, with any questions. 

The health and wellbeing of our Employees and Customers are of the utmost importance, which is why we have taken more precautions with respect to operations and specifically, the cleaning and caring for your Armor Express products. We have been working very closely with our material suppliers and transportation vendors, while following all updated CDC policies and guidelines, to identify ways to clean and disinfect carriers and ballistic panels without comprising safety in any way.


If you believe your carrier has been exposed to the COVID-19 virus, or if you personally want to take additional steps to clean and disinfect your system, the CDC recommends using a spray disinfectant or disinfecting wipes without bleach. Both Lysol Spray and Lysol brand wipes are recommended by the CDC, as well as by our companies and several of our suppliers. These products can be found at:

Type (Human coronavirus) into the search field for a detailed product list.


Carrier Cleaning Process:

Both the CDC and Armor Express recommends you wear disposable gloves when handling possible exposed laundry.

  • Once your shift ends, you should remove your soft armor panels from the carrier and wash the carrier with laundry detergent in room temperature water.
  • Using warm or hot water could cause some of the carrier materials to shrink and change the fit or appearance of the carrier.
  • To dry, lay flat or hang the carrier and let air dry.
  • Make sure to wash your hands after removing your disposable gloves.
  • If available, you can use Lysol sanitizing laundry detergent to clean the carrier. However, according to the CDC guidelines, normal washing and laundry detergent is said to kill the COVID-19 virus.


To view the CDC guidelines for laundry, please visit:


Ballistic Panel Cleaning Process:

Both the CDC and Armor Express recommends you wear disposable gloves when handling possible exposed laundry.

  • Ballistic panels should be wiped down with a CDC-approved disinfected wipe (i.e., Lysol disinfecting wipes or mild soap and water).
  • To dry, lay the soft armor panels flat allowing them to air dry.


To view the CDC guidelines for laundry, please visit:

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