Glenn Wiener

Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Marketing Officer

Glenn Wiener, through his consultancy practice GW Communications, began working with Armor Express in October 2016, providing business oversight, marketing support and public relations counsel. His team focuses primarily on corporate and executive brand building, while Glenn provides insight and competitive intelligence to support the Company’s growth initiatives and expansion plans.

In January 2018, Glenn became Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Marketing Officer. In this new role, he works closely with the executive leadership teams of both Armor Express and KDH Defense Systems, responsible for driving top- and bottom-line performance, while concurrently, overseeing business development and growth initiatives across the Domestic and Federal law enforcement and international markets, and the U.S. Military. Glenn is intricately involved in product development and works closely with the sales teams, reps and dealers, as well as supply chain and innovative technology companies to broaden the Company’s reach, expand into new markets and improve overall service capabilities. Additionally, he oversees all marketing activities for both Armor Express and KDH.

Prior to joining Armor Express, he worked in the financial and communications fields for approximately 25 years. He has worked with Fortune 500 leaders, emerging start-ups, and well-established middle market companies on a global basis. His firm, GW Communications is a NY-based business communications firm specializing in corporate communications, investor and media relations, mergers and acquisitions, and marketing. While serving as an advisor to his clients, he has also taken on roles as Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Market Strategist of Point Blank Enterprises, Inc., formerly the largest supplier of body armor solutions to the U.S. Military and law enforcement community, as well as Director of Corporate Communications for School Specialty, Inc., a leading supplier of educational supplies, furniture and supplemental learning solutions.

While with Point Blank Enterprises, Mr. Wiener held several positions and supported the transitions between leadership teams. During the Company’s early days as DHB Industries through its evolution to Point Blank Enterprises, he was responsible for internal and external communications to employees, shareholders, customers, and dealers, government contracting offices, independent test-labs, and supply chain partners. His role evolved over time and he later became Chief Market Officer and Chief Market Strategist, working with executive leadership to develop and execute growth plans across all markets, while expanding solutions offered to end-users through strategic partnerships.

Glenn holds a B.A. in Political Science and is a graduate of Boston University. He has served as a guest lecturer at Georgetown University and currently resides in New York City.

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