Lighthawk Accessories



  • Shoulder Flanks with Integrated Ballistic Collar
  • Retractable Pull-Up Nape Protector
  • Removable Throat Protector
  • Structured Deltoid Protectors with built in Pen / Pencil holder
  • Communication Wire Restraints
  • Removable Rifle Sling Hook
  • Retractable Pull-Down Groin Guard


Lighthawk™ Accessories Page (PDF)
Lighthawk User Manual (PDF)

In August of 2012 we set out to prove the capabilities of the Lighthawk™ XT. The scalability, interoperability, and flexibility of the vest, when combined with level IIIA Halo™ ballistic system met the challenge when we strapped them on a group of parkour (freerunning) experts. Check it out below.

Available Ballistic Systems

Available Accessories