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February 21st, 2014

Armor Express is pleased to announce recent improvements to our website (, specifically creating several new navigation tabs: RESOURCES and CONTACT, as central points for product updates and information.

The following are the two main changes that you and your dealers will be navigating:

Top Menu Changes:

The “Customer Portal” button has been removed, and is now called “Dealer Portal” which can now be found as a sub selection under the “Resources” tab, below the heading “Dealer”
The “Vest Tracker” button has been removed, and can now be found as a sub selection under the “Resources” tab, below the header “Customers”
The “News” link on the top menu is no longer there, it can now be found as a sub selection under the “Resources” tab, below the heading “Media”
The “Info” tab is now gone, it’s sections have been distributed to the new “Resources” and “Contact” drop down menus

Changes made to menu navigation

Changes made to menu navigation


New “Resources” drop down menu

“News” will take you directly to a list of our most recent news “Videos” will take you to a library of our promotional videos we currently offer – with links to download or request a DVD

“Catalog” will take you to our online “ISSUU” version of our catalog, with an option to download
“Logos/Images” will be a link to our DROPBOX file with all of our high resolution product images and corporate logos
“Forms Library” will be a link to our entire catalog of forms, including sizing, alteration, marketing inventory request, etc.
“Dealer Portal” will link to what was formerly called the “Customer Portal”
“Product Tutorials” will link to a page displaying a list of all of our product tutorial videos – the layout of the page may change as we acquire more of a library. Additions to this collection will be announced on our Facebook page, our Twitter, and our LinkedIn – so make sure you follow us!
“Warranties” will link to our online warranty form
“Social Media” will link to a page with links to all of our social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and LinkedIn
“Alterations / Returns” will link to our Returns and Alterations PDF form
“Vest Tracker” will link to our Vest Tracker software

This new structure allows us to add and update content in a more consistent manner, and get product information out to your network of partners. As we continue to expand our knowledge, videos, and capabilities, we will be updating these resource pages to give you everything you need in the field. As significant updates become available, we will continue to notify you. If you have any questions or issues, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Scott Wyatt
National & International, Sales Director
Armor Express
PO Box 516
7915 Cameron St.
Central Lake, MI 49622

Central Lake, Michigan


With headquarters in Central Lake, MI and a nationwide network of sales representatives, Central Lake Armor Express, Inc. (DBA Armor Express), is an ISO 9001 registered company. It manufactures superior quality body armor with unparalleled protection, comfort, wearability and service. A range of products for men and women includes concealable and tactical body armor, accessories, and hard armor. "Body Armor Reborn" is the company motto.