Overt Carrier System


Turn your standard concealable armor into an external load bearing vest with the newly redesigned Overt Carrier System (OCS). Made from a heavy-duty nylon material, the OCS features front plate pockets accommodating 5”x8” trauma plates up to 10”x12” rifle plates, fully adjustable shoulders, and an internal cummerbund for securing the carrier in place. The OCS is now sized to specifically fit your Armor Express custom armor panels.

Optional front and rear ID tags can be added to the OCS. The OCS can be ordered in three (3) styles: slick (no pockets), with four (4) standard sewn on pockets (as shown) or with MOLLE webbing (no pockets).

Department patches can be sewn on to the front of the carrier at no additional charge.

Available Ballistic Systems

Available Accessories