Co-Op Program

As a way to encourage our valued partners in the field to display Armor Express products in the most professional manner, we are offering a co-op program that will help to provide you with needed retail product as well as professional display tools. Designed to increase product visibility without losing valuable floor space, these eye-catching displays, primarily designed to utilize slat-wall locations, also keep merchandise organized for easy inventory, restocking, and customer interaction.

We believe that proper display of our products, whether it is a customizable tactical vest or MOLLE pouch accessory, will help put the right products into the hands of your clients.

Dealer Incentive

During the program roll-out, you will be presented with a Co-op dollar amount to be spent on the program. Co-op dollars can be utilized on the following items*:

  • Ballistics Pad Samples
  • Concealable or Tactical Carrier Samples
  • Slat-wall accessories for product
  • Banners, Tablecloths & graphics
  • Tabletop displays, Up Armor accessories, etc

Get Started

Utilizing your co-op dollars, select which items you feel will help your in-store display the most. Work with your local Armor Express Sales Representative to most effectively promote your desired products and look! Below you will find examples of pre-configured displays that will give you ideas on how to best configure your needs. Products, display hardware, and signage details are listed for you to identify what works best in your environment.

* At least 75% of the Co-op dollars must be spent on Armor Express Products


Armor Express POP Basic Hardware Flyer (PDF)            AE PoP Co-op Form Download (XLS)