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Busch PROtective AMH-2
Busch PROtective AMH-2
Busch PROtective AMH-2

Busch PROtective AMH-2

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This non-ballistic platform is designed to offer a high level of impact protection, ventilation, and comfort, no matter what the task. The AMH-2 shell is certified to EN 397 for impact attenuation. This combined with our latest Comfort Protection Pad (CPP) suspension system offers both multi-impact & shock protection capability. This impact management system is further designed to offer good ventilation and comfort. The CPP system can be quickly adjusted, making it easy to tailor fit specific head shapes/sizes. Our retention system uses wheel dial technology which is easy to operate and provides a secure and snug fit. The operational capability is further increased with our new multi-function side rail which can accommodate various devices (cameras, strobes, etc) whilst also using visor capability. This unique rail system provides our Speed Connect System (SCS) where modular protective visor capability for varying threats can be added in seconds. The AMH-2 is designed with the user in mind, providing first rate modular protection, ventilation, and comfort for prolonged periods of use. Our most recent modular protective accessories include removable side plates to protect the ears, removable neck protection and blunt impact face shield visor with a rubber seal preventing fluid access. The ability to scale helmet protection up and down for the ever changing threat is now here. Whether you’re dealing with a riot situation/protesters, part of an emergency response team,  extracting prisoners or just riding around in an emergency response ambulance. The Busch PROtective AMH-2 will provide you with the ability scale your protection for the threat and much more!

Options / Accessories

  • Non Ballistic Impact Visor (Independently tested (Chesapeake Labs) blunt impact tested to 100 Joules)
  • Non Ballistic Impact Visor with rubber seal (Chesapeake Labs) blunt impact tested to 100 Joules)
  • Non Ballistic Fragmentation visor (Independently tested (Chesapeake Labs) STANAG 2920 – 1,082 f/s)
  • NIJ IIIA Ballistic Visor (Independently tested (Chesapeake Labs) 9mm/44 Mag)
  • VPAM Ballistic Visor Independently tested (Melrichstadt Labs)
  • Protective side plate for the ears (Blunt impact)
  • Protective neck protection(9mm Ballistic and non-ballistic)
  • 3-Hole NVG Shroud
  • Helmet Cover Black or Green
  • Helmet hook and loop Kit
  • Helmet Counter weight Kit
  • Visor protective cover
  • Side-rail adaptor
  • Peltor adaptor

  • Rails with Speed-System Connection Point
  • Advanced padding system with wheel dial for ultimate sizing flexibility
  • New harness system with no loose ends with crab buckle feature for single handed adjustment
Carrier Color Options
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