Aries III SA

Level III SA rifle plate constructed of UHMWP material. NIJ 0101.06 Certified to stop level III threats. Fits into the rifle plate pocket of your plate carrier, tactical entry vest, or compatible overt body armor carrier.

  • Configuration: Level III SA
  • Curve: Single
  • Construction: UHMWP
  • Thickness (Inches): 1.1
  • Weight 10x12: 3.3 lbs
  • Available Cuts: 8x10 & 10x12
  • Trimmed, Shooters, SAPI/ESAPI
Ballistic Rounds Tested
7.62x39mm M67 (FMJ Ball)
7.62x39mm M43 (MSC)
7.62x51mm (M-80 Ball)
5.56x45mm (M193 Ball)