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Busch PROtective BAM-1 Ballistic Mandible
Busch PROtective BAM-1 Ballistic Mandible
Busch PROtective BAM-1 Ballistic Mandible

Busch PROtective BAM-1 Ballistic Mandible

Armor Express’ BAM-1 Ballistic Mandible by Busch PROtective can be installed within seconds on the AMP-1 E and AMP-1 TP ballistic helmets. It is designed to resist the 9mm DM41 (415 ±10 m/s – 1362 ±33 fps). The mandible integrates with the Speed Connect System (SCS) face shields and BAN-1 Neck Guard also by Busch.

The BAM-1 weighs 280g/0.62lbs. It is made of aramid fiber with a textile coating and EPDM rubber edging which provides greater wear protection when utilizing a long gun. The mandible’s connection system comprises metal hooks which clip to CMR-1 side rails.

In addition, the latest Busch PROtective face shields made of an ultra-high-quality silica/polycarbonate proprietary blend, offer protection levels ranging from lightweight impact to fragmentation, and 9mm and .44 mag IIIA threats. Busch’s Speed Connect System (SCS) enables instant connection without tools or having to remove the helmet.


The following Standards can only be fulfilled in conjunction with all AMP-1 E or TP helmets.

Penetration resistance against 9mm DM41 with 415 ±10 m/s – 1362 ±33 fps

  • Installation within seconds on all AMP-1 TP and AMP-1 E also fits in conjunction with SCS Visors and BAN-1 Neckguard
  • Can be tilted up when used with a drinking bottle
  • Textile Coating for more protection when used with rifles
Carrier Color Options
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