The newest member of our shield offering. Utilizing the latest ballistic technology, we offer the R1+ with the original R1 Level III ambidextrous shape. Now operators can feel the confidence of Level III rifle protection by including 5.56x45mm M855/SS109 Green Tip to the threat matrix.

Options / Accessories

• Retro Single Switch Fox Fury 600 Lumen LED Light System with Strobe – 1.1lbs.
• Removable Agency ID Placard
• Carry Bag


  • Black Polyurea Spray Coating
  • Hybrid Composite Ballistic Construction
  • Ambidextrous Straight Bar Handle
  • Durable Edge Wrap Protection
  • High Strength Forearm Strap
  • Closed cell Ambidextrous Foam Forearm Pad
  • NIJ 0108.01 Rated III
  • 7.62 x51mm 147gr. M80 Ball 2750 +- 50 fps
  • 7.62x39mm 123gr M67 Ball Lead Core / M43 Mild Steel Core
  • 5.56x45mm X193/M855/SS109
Standard Sizes Level III
18x2416lbsNo viewport
20x3022lbsNo viewport
Weights are approximate