The R1 is the new standard in lightweight, rifle-rated Level III ballistic shields. Utilizing hybrid ballistic technology which minimizes weight while increasing protection, the operators now have rifle protection at their fingertips. The R1 comes in two sizes to fit the needs of today’s operators. Whether deploying from a squad car, armored vehicle, or raid van, the R1 is your go-to, mobile rifle-threat protection for highly volatile situations. The shape of the R1 gives the user a lightweight, ambidextrous, covered platform allowing for the use of either a handgun or long gun. The reduced weight of the R1 allows operators to engage threats and obstacles with less fatigue and greater success.

Options / Accessories

• Black Polyurea Spray Coating
• Retro Single Switch Fox Fury 600 Lumen LED Light System with Strobe – 1.1lbs.
• Removable Agency ID Placard
• Carry Bag


  • Black Textured Nylon Face
  • Hybrid Composite Ballistic Construction
  • Ambidextrous Straight Bar Handle
  • High Strength Forearm Strap
  • Closed cell Ambidextrous Foam Forearm Pad
  • NIJ 0108.01 Rated III
  • 7.62 x51mm 147gr. M80 Ball 2750 +- 50 fps
  • 7.62x39mm 123gr M67 Ball Lead Core / M43 Mild Steel Core
  • 5.56x45mm X193
Standard Sizes Level III
18x2414 lbsNo viewport
20x3019 lbsNo viewport
Weights are approximate