The S1 is far from your standard Level IIIA ballistic shield. Like the M1, the S1 utilizes the same hybrid ballistics which minimize weight while increasing protection. The time-tested, rectangular shape has been the standard for providing max coverage for the operator. The rear of the S1 is covered in loop, allowing for operators to place mirrors, entry tools, and other equipment within arm’s reach, while maintaining the protection of the S1.

Options / Accessories

• 1200 lumen Fox Fury LED Light System with Strobe integrated handle – 1.1lbs.
• Elzetta Tridextrous handle with or w/o integrated 1000 lumen light
• Elzetta horizontal handle with or w/o integrated 1000 lumen light
• Removable Agency ID Placard
• Carry Bag


  • Black Textured Nylon Face / Loop Body
  • 5”x11” Viewport
  • Hybrid Composite Ballistic Construction
  • Ambidextrous Straight Bar Handle
  • Durable Edge Wrap Protection
  • High Strength Forearm Strap
  • Closed cell Ambidextrous Foam Forearm Pad
  • NIJ 0108.01 Rated IIIA
  • 44 Mag 240gr. SWC-GC 1400 +-50 fps
  • 9mm 124gr. FMJ 1400 +-50 fps
Standard Sizes Level IIIA
16x204.0 lbsNo viewport
18x308.5 lbsNo VP or Light
18x3013 lbsViewport
24x3616 lbsViewport
24x3617 lbsViewport and Light
24x4819 lbsViewport and Light
*approximate weights with viewpoint and without light