The Gen2 Razor™ body armor is both extremely thin and lightweight. Offering exceptional ballistic performance the Razor™ is based on innovative fabric technology from both Twaron® and Dyneema®.

Ultimate concealability – Our thinnest ballistic offering gives officers incredible protection in an extremely lightweight solution.

Top tier protection – The level II and IIIA models are capable of stopping some of the most advanced rounds available. Available in both Male and Structured Female configurations.

  • Quad Compliant
  • NIJ 0101.06 Certified
  • AE Special Threats
  • DEA Protocol
  • FBI Testing
  • II
  • IIIA
THREAT LEVELTHINNESS / WEIGHT9MM V-50 (II) / .357 SIG V-50 (IIIA)MAGNUM V-50Avg. 9mm BFSAvg. .357 Mag BFS (II) /Avg. .44 Mag BFS (IIIA)MODEL #
II0.14 inches /0.67 lbs/ft²1822 fps1727 fps32.7 mm35.9 mmRZRG2-A-II
II Female 0.18 Inches /0.74 lbs/ft²1784 fps1680 fps29.8 mm35.4 mmRZRG2-A-II-FEM
IIIA0.21 inches /0.92 lbs/ft²1908 fps1746 fps30.2 mm39.5 mmRZRG2-A-IIIA
IIIA Female0.24 inches /0.97 lbs/ft²2020 fps1830 fps26.8 mm36.6 mmRZRG2-A-IIIA-FEM