Our commitment to saving lives starts in our Ballistics Research Laboratory (BRL) and our passion to protect shines through in the innovation that is created there. Armor Express’ BRL is one of the most technologically advanced labs in the industry, allowing Armor Express to further make advancements in todays and tomorrow’s body armor systems. We’ve worked with one purpose, to help Officers and Soldiers make it home to their families. Our life-saving pursuit is inspired and motivated by their selfless acts and sacrifices they make everyday. Simply put, we do what we do, because they do what they do!


Independent from Armor Express manufacturing, the BRL is located in Armor Express’ 10,000 sq. ft. technology center. The BRL boasts an 80-foot long shooting range accommodating ballistic testing from .22 caliber to .50 cal. The BRL houses a technical workshop giving in-house ballisticians the tools needed to run extensive performance testing with a variety of recognized protocols. Within the walls of the Armor Express BRL, thousands of rounds of ammunition have been meticulously hand loaded, shot, and analyzed. Testing armor beyond the NIJ Standard requires specialized equipment; the Armor Express BRL enables on-site DEA and FBI protocol testing, in addition to a plethora of Special Threat rounds, conditions, and extreme scenarios.

state-of-the art CONTROL lab
The control room is the epicenter of scientific research at Armor Express. State of the art electronics instantaneously capture data on ballistic performance.
  • Precision data tracking PC and software
  • Temperature and humidity control (monitored)
  • ISO 9001-2008
  • BA 9000-2012  certified – Supplemental ISO - Body Armor Standard
  • First soft armor manufacturer to become certified to the BA 9000-2012 standard
  • Live interactive video conferencing capabilities
Armor Express offers over 40 NIJ 0101.06 certified ballistic packages. Many of these products are tested to the “Quad Compliance Program” which includes NIJ, DEA, FBI, and Special Threat specifications.
  • NIJ 0101.06
    • Soft Armor
    • Hard Armor
  • NIJ 0101.04/NIJ 0101.05
  • MIL-STD-662f
  • DEA Protocol
  • FBI Protocol
  • IOTV(US Military)
    • Frag Testing
    • Right Circular Cylinder (RCC) 2gn, 4gn, 16gn, 64gn
  • Canadian Military
  • Immersion Testing
    • Fresh or Salt Water
    • POL
    • Gas
    • JP8 fuel
  • Any Caliber up to .50 cal
The Armor Express BRL out-qualifies a number of independent labs in the United States and worldwide

Roma Plastilina #1 modeling clay is used as the test medium on which vests are shot for NIJ Standards. The temperature and foreign matter of this clay is meticulously managed within the BRL through-out the testing process. A state-of-the-art Oehler Chronograph, along with a Wiseman Universal Receiver, comprise other hardware necessary for precise data collection. Before every single shoot, we measure relative humidity, ambient air tem-perature, precise clay density and temperature. By providing detailed data on each ballistic shoot, we remove any uncertainty as to the process and independent integrity of results.

  • Precision temperature ovens heat the highly pliable Roma Plastilina #1 modeling clay
  • Hot and Cold ballistic vest & plate testing ie. FBI, Military
  • First soft armor manufacturer to become certified to the BA 9000-2012 standard
  • Live interactive video conferencing capabilities
80 ft. shooting range UP TO .50 CAL

The controlled access firing range is housed in walls of concrete, reinforced steel and a composite layering. A protective glass viewing window affords ballisticians optimal oversight.

  • 80 foot shooting range accommodates ballistic testing ranging from.22 caliber to .50 cal
  • Velocity Measurements
    • Oehler 88  Infrared Screens
    • Magnetic intervalometer
  • Wiseman Universal Receiver with test barrels for certified SAAMI calibers
  • Projectiles
    • Test 1gn spheres up to .50 cal
    • Handgun and rifle projectiles
  • Soft Armor, Plates and Helmet testing

The BRL serves as an invaluable educational tool in conjunction with being a testing facility. Representatives, Dealers and Agency Representatives are regularly invited to visit the BRL for training and educational purposes. The BRL offers a truly unique experience for interactive learning and development for not only Armor Express employees, but also customers, industry experts and ballistic material partners.

  • Two wireless remote viewing webcams
  • Wired webcam with microphone and speaker for two way conferencing
  • 55 inch LED wall mounted television in control lab for pre-sentation material
  • Recorded and Archived shoot video securely stored in cloud storage
  • Conference Room located in Technology Center for industry discussion and product development

A custom HVAC system with HEPA filters and laminar air flow provide a clean and safe working environment.

  • Linear flow air handling HEPA Filtration system
  • 12” concrete  block – poured and rodded –engineered to 30-06 AP protection
  • 3 Layers of 3/16th inch ballistic steel –engineered to 308 M80 Ball protection
  • Level 5 Ballistic Glass
  • Keyed 2 station remote firing system


“Our ongoing expansion in R&D demonstrates our commitment to innovation, as we continue to meet the increasing demand for higher-performing solutions that safeguard our men and women in uniform. Building a world-class design and engineering team is critical to bringing greater value to our end-customers,” stated Jim Henderson, Chief Executive Officer of Armor Express. “This also goes hand in hand with our infrastructural advancements, including a state-of-the-art Technology Center, and I am very excited by the prospects for major growth and success in the years to come.”

The expanded R&D team comprises highly-skilled engineers, designers, pattern makers, sewers, and product managers. They join senior members Jon MacNeil, Director of Ballistics R&D; Monica Russ, Department Manager and Technical Designer; Mike Criswell, Lead Product Designer; Steve Murphy, Tactical Product Manager; and Lisa Becker, Project Manager. Together, the team will collaborate on new solution development in support of market growth.