The Wolverine™ Special Operations Tactical vest is one of the most cutting edge full tactical vests on the market today. Boasting a number of innovative features, the Wolverine™ offers outstanding tactical protection with many options to customize the jacket to your individual needs. The front and rear of the WolverineTM are connected by an adjustable shoulder attachment system, and an adjustable external cummerbund system which alleviates the weight burden from the shoulders by distributing it across the abdomen. The cummerbund has internal pockets to accommodate additional 5”x8” side armor packs while the front flap offers an added 7”x10” plate pocket. The Wolverine also comes standard with dual front and rear external plate pockets which accommodate 10”x12” or 8”x10” rifle plates.

The upper chest area offers mic tabs, while the rear half features the Armor Express Sling Hooks, which keep the rifle sling off of the operators neck. The rear also offers a tough drag strap that is sewn all the way through and around the vest. A built-in hydration pocket, which can accommodate any size personal hydration system, is located on the rear of the jacket.

A number of ballistic accessories are available for the WolverineTM including a retractable pull-down groin guard, throat protector, and deltoid protectors with optional custom ID tags. The optional split back collar provides nape protection while adding comfort when wearing a ballistic helmet. Elastic channels at the base of the collar can be used for mic wires or hydration tubes. Optional front and rear ID tags are available for added customization. Department patches can also be sewn on to the deltoid protectors at no additional charge.

The optional MOLLE platform provides 360 degrees of mission specific pocket configurations. Order it with the optional flex cuff pockets, belt keepers, and
broad non-skid yoke (with or without dual butt stops) to round out this truly state-of-the-art piece of gear.

Available Ballistic Systems

Available Accessories