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The surprisingly comfortable FMS™ is our most cost effective body armor system. Meets DoD Frag Protection.

Cost Effective Ballistic System – For officers seeking a solid performing, yet affordable NIJ 0101.06 ballistic package – the FMS ballistic offering in level II and IIIA is a top performer at a reasonable price.

Trusted by our troops – The FMS IIIA is the primary armor system trusted by the US Army Military Police. Top tier performance coupled with an attractive price point make it a great solution for your armor needs.

Each of our ballistic lines is tested beyond the NIJ Standard – in-house, with special threat requirements as deemed necessary by you, our customer. Our goal is to give you the peace-of-mind that can only come with watching your purchase be put to the test, right before your eyes. Our in-house testing facility is state of the art, and our capabilities are beyond many of the certified labs in the field today.

Soft armor comes protected in a seam-sealed ripstop pad cover. Each configuration is certified to the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Standards, as well as vigrously tested in-house at our Ballistic Research Laboratory (BRL). During testing we go above and beyond the anticipated testing protocols in order to ensure that our armor products are second to none.

Male and Structured Female.

  • Quad Compliant
  • NIJ 0101.06 Certified
  • AE Special Threats
  • DEA Protocol
  • FBI Testing
Carrier Color Options
  • FMS Product Release
    THREAT LEVELTHINNESS / WEIGHT9MM V-50 (II) / .357 SIG V-50 (IIIA)MAGNUM V-50Avg. 9mm BFSAvg. .357 Mag BFS (II) /Avg. .44 Mag BFS (IIIA)MODEL #
    II0.290 inches /1.31 lbs/ft²1667 fps1663 fps31.3 mm34.9 mmFMS-A-II
    II Female 0.290 Inches /1.31 lbs/ft²1695 fps1645 fps30.4 mm36.2 mmFMSF-A-II
    IIIA0.320 Inches /1.53 lbs/ft²1810 fps1661 fps30 mm37.5 mmFMS-A-IIIA
    IIIA Female0.360 Inches /1.65 lbs/ft²1811 fps1677 fps25.2 mm33.5 mmFMSF-A-IIIA
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