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PEO Soldier Body Armor Evaluation

Lt. Brian Murphy - Saves Manager

Armor Express is focused on the health and wellbeing of our customers and their families before, during, and long after our armor has done it's job. Lt. Brian Murphy (Ret.), a former Armor Express save himself, leads our SAVES Program and serves as the first point of contact for any who have faced death in the name of protecting the peace while wearing our products. We continue to adapt this program to ensure it is meeting the evolving needs of the community as it grows. With each SAVE, we learn more about officer and family needs, and how we can be a conduit for healing.


Recent Saves

Deputy Joshua Hankins
08-14-2023 - Muskegon SO - Shot in Chest
Officer Tyler Hawes
07-14-2023 - Fargo PD - Shot in Ambush
Officer Andrew Dotas
07-14-2023 - Fargo PD - Shot in Ambush
Sergeant Mike Mascorro
04-28-2023 - Thermopolis PD - Shot in Chest and Arm
Sergeant William Hane
03-31-2023 - Colerain PD - Hit by Vehicle
Officer Pierce Brandon
12-14-2022 - Waukesha WI PD - .380 Shot in Chest
SG Tysen Bautista
10-27-2022 - Bentallgreenoak Security - Stabbed
Dep. Sam Ferguson
10-19-2022 - Milam County, TX - 9mm Hand gun - shot in chest
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