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Sizing Forms

With Federal, State and Local lockdown provisions in place, many of our team members are working remotely, with the exception of our factory employees who are producing every day to deliver for you. Travel bans, in many cases, restrict our team from being onsite for customer sizing, and often, while armor systems are needed, officers find themselves without the time to meet. Thus, we have updated and posted our Customer Sizing Resources to help you while you are in the field. Beyond your rep, you can always call us at 231-544-6090 for additional support.

Armor Express Sizing

Male/Gender-Neutral Sizing Package
Male/Gender-Neutral Sizing Form (Standalone)
Female Sizing Form (Standalone)
Tactical Sizing Form
Helmet Sizing Form
K-9 ACV Vest Sizing Form
K-9 TEX10 K-9 Sizing Form
Sizing Videos

KDH Brand Sizing

Male Sizing Form
Male Sizing Instructions
Female Sizing Formhref="
Female Sizing Instructions
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