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Driving innovation never stops and when you’re manufacturing products designed to save lives, the commitment to safety must be at the forefront…always. That is why we work so closely with our supply chain partners, ensuring we have access to the most advanced materials throughout the industry, and the know-how to develop packages that always exceed the required standards.

Thousands of U.S. Armed Forces members, domestic and Federal officers, and First Responders nationwide rely on our solutions to support their mission-critical requirements. Our customers must perform at the most optimal level, whether at home or abroad, and rest easy knowing their armor will perform as it was designed to. In Central Lake, we house our Ballistic Research Laboratory (BRL). It is here where we test thousands of rounds of ammunition and go above and beyond the standard NIJ threats with our own special threat protocol for both Level II and IIIA armor. We are constantly testing new materials which result in lighter packages, more flexible designs and increased protection for end-users. This knowledge is shared with our Eden team which also performs similar ballistic testing, whether for NIJ, FBI, or DEA protocols, in addition to all DoD ballistic requirements.

With new NIJ standards on the horizon (NIJ .06 to NIJ .07), collaboration within and throughout the industry has never been greater. We are well-positioned to drive innovation and bring to market new solutions unlike anything the industry has seen.

CL - Ballistics RandD Plate
CL - Ballistics RandD
Eden - Flayed Pads
CL - Ballistics RandD bullets
CL - Ballistics RandD Frag
CL - Ballistics RandD Clay

Body armor is about saving lives and we are committed to delivering products and serving our customers better than anyone else in the industry.

Carrier Design Center


Research and development are at the forefront of everything we do. Building the best carriers requires dedication, know-how, equipment and technology, materials, and a team all sharing the same mission – SAVING LIVES.

At our R&D Design Center in Central Lake, MI, the Carrier Design team possesses decades of manufacturing, operations, and design experience. Our personnel leverage their knowledge of materials and technical applications to develop some of the most advanced lines of concealable, outer, plate, and tactical carrier solutions in the industry.

We are constantly changing for the better, with a focus on creating new products or enhancing existing ones. First, making these best-in-class solutions requires ongoing engagement with our customers and distribution partners about real-world experiences, and to better understand market needs, the pain points and any gaps in systems today. It is this engagement that drives innovation and ensures the wear-ability, comfort and safety of our carriers.

From conceptualization to prototypes to final solutions – we constantly adapt and incorporate the latest technologies and materials. From the latest cut-ting-edge sewing, fabricating and heat application technologies, to the lightest weight and highest-performing nylon and ballistic materials, we take everything into account before bringing a carrier to market. Every stitch matters and being detail-focused is an important element to deliver the highest product quality levels our customers demand and expect.

Carrier R&D in Central Lake, MI

Markets - EMS
Markets - Military
Image - Female Armor
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