The Army MSV-GEN II includes both full Up Tactical and Concealable Vest components. It can be worn over the soldier’s uniform and is made up of the Concealable Components inserted into the Tactical Carrier. The Concealable Components contain the soft ballistic panels for the MSV-GEN II and can be removed from the Tactical Carrier and worn separately as a complete Concealable Vest. Therefore, this vest can be transformed to Tactical or Concealable depending on mission requirements.

*Not available for Commercial Law Enforcement Sales

  • System design accommodates concealable and tactical vests
  • Side-opening for EMT
  • Emergency egress quick-release system
  • Front tactical and side plate carriers utilize enhanced laser technology to reduce weight
  • Back tactical carrier utilizes traditional MOLLE system
  • Reinforced drag handle
  • Full-wrap cummerbund style closure
  • Removable/adjustable side plates
  • Bottom load hard armor plate pockets
  • Lightest ballistic fielded to date, .86 PSF
  • The MSV-GEN II Vest System can be used in conjunction with the Blast Pelvic Protector (BPP) and the Ballistic Combat Shirt (BCS)
  • Improved Concealment and Tactical carrier design simplifies integration. The solider can rapidly modify wearing the MSV GEN II as a plate carrier or concealable vest depending on mission requirements
  • Includes an emergency quick release system which is easily reassembled with simple buckles at shoulders and side cummerbunds
  • Offers improved soft ballistic performance over the Gen III and Gen IV IOTVs with the same fragmentation and 9mm protection as IOTV
  • Provides resistance against 357 Magnum and 357 Sig at the same ballistic panel areal density as the Gen IV IOTV specification
  • MSV-GEN II Medium size: 7.44 LBS (Gen IV IOTV Base vest: 8.99 lbs.)
  • Nearly 20% weight reduction over previous generation