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SPC - Soldier Plate Carrier
SPC - Soldier Plate Carrier
SPC - Soldier Plate Carrier
SPC - Soldier Plate Carrier

SPC – Soldier Plate Carrier

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The SPCS – Soldier Plate Carrier System is the U.S. Army Plate Carrier System currently issued to all combat troops in Afghanistan (over 60,000 units). Following a lengthy review, field evaluations and analysis, the U.S. Army chose the KDH brand model Magnum TAC-1 system over all other competitor designs as a result of the following key factors: (1) weight and comfort, (2) ballistic performance, and (3) delivery schedule. The Magnum TAC-1 was the lightest of the plate carriers studied by the U.S. Army and it has the highest ballistic performance as well. This plate carrier/vest provides the soldier with a lightweight option to the standard issue IOTV vest and is designed to meet the requirements of troops working in high-altitude and rugged terrain. The system balances the fine line between coverage and mobility.

*Available for Commercial Law Enforcement Sales, Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) 500 units

  • Unmatched comfort
  • Highly adjustable for improved fit
  • Cummerbund connects with side release buckles rather than Velcro for greater adjustability on the move and superior noise discipline
  • Side plate protection pouches can be easily removed
  • Single-handed emergency egress quick-release system
  • Low-profile system
  • Fits U.S. issue X-Small thru X-Large hard armor ESAPI plates
  • 360 MOLLE mounting surfaces
  • IOTV groin and lower back protector compatible
  • Provides IOTV specification soft ballistic protection
  • Lightest weigh military plate carrier on the market today with every objective and requirement met
  • Protected by nGuard®: resistant to odor, microbes, fungi, mosquitoes, bed bugs, color fading
  • Optional side straps allow the system to be used without the cummerbund
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